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Get Away From the Most Common Study Methods and Try This!

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

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Active study methods are more effective than traditional “put you to sleep” and “you think you know more than you actually do” strategies. Rereading, highlighting, nodding your head that the info is all familiar is not going to help you recall information on a test.


*Taking a practice test or quiz from your teacher, textbook, or a website online

*Practicing definitions or formulas with flashcards or Quizlet

*Teaching the material out loud to a friend or family member (without looking at notes)

*Making up your own test questions, and practicing answering them from memory

Take ownership of your education. Envision yourself earning a high score and do what it takes to get there!

Some great tips when you hear your child getting frustrated with his/her math work...

Sometimes it’s just not knowing how to get started or feeling confused by tricky wording.

Here are some questions you can ask when your child needs extra help.

  1. Are there any words in the directions that you don’t understand?

  2. Have them re-read aloud slowly and then go back and underline or circle any words or numbers that they think they’ll need to solve it.

  3. Where do you think you could start?

  4. If there are multiple steps involved, break it into bite-sized pieces. One step at a time.

  5. Does this remind you of a problem you’ve solved in the past?

  6. Math skills build on each other. Remembering similar concepts helps your child use their prior knowledge to work through new problems.

  7. How is this like what you did in class today?

Math homework is typically a review of a recent lesson. Have your child look back at their notes or their teacher's online resources for help.

Have your child do their work close enough that you can check in before frustration builds and stress causes them to completely shut down. Have a healthy snack nearby and set a timer so breaks are only taken when it goes off. This way, the work won’t drag on for too long. A white board, pencil and scratch paper are important to have even when your child is working online.

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