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Bridget Cassidy bio continued

As part of that process, Bridget works closely with her colleagues to not only present best practices but to continue to diligently research and create a curriculum that meets the needs of all the students. She has been continuing this practice through Professional Development in faculty and grade level meetings. She continues to support this in District presentations. Many colleagues benefit from her leadership and guidance utilizing these best practices through her continuous support helping to sustain and lead teachers to meet all their students’ needs. Her belief is that students can learn when they and their teachers are provided the right tools to support a positive and rewarding learning experience. As she continues to gather information and gain experience, she cannot help but think why she started this journey. Her son, now 38, struggled in school and she needed to find a way to support him in his learning, this led her to understanding various aspects of how and why students learn. Her daughter, now 28, was able to grasp concepts easily but needed a little support to stay on track. She says, "I cannot be more proud of the adults they are today, it is amazing where journeys can take you."

Bronwyn Bergen bio continued

Being proactive with coaching children and building a toolbox of skills is monumental when children are dealing with daily stresses or coping with difficult situations in their lives.  

Being a retired school teacher of 30 years, I have worked with very diverse groups of children, and have learned that whether a child is “typical” or struggling with a learning disability, attention deficit, or lack of self-esteem, they can greatly benefit from coaching. Empowering, motivating and having children realize that they can succeed in anything they attempt is paramount. 

I received my undergraduate degree at Bloomsburg University, where I majored in elementary education. I then went on to earn a master’s degree in education and psychology with an additional 65 credits in education and research classes revolving around children. I have also completed specialized certified training in social skills, conflict resolution, LGBTQ youth,  mindfulness, anxiety disorders and cognitive and behavioral awareness among others.  Listen to my podcast series on Spotify, Pandora, or Apple podcasts by searching Bronwyn Bergen.

Bronwn Bergen
Nick Jupinka bio continued

After achieving his Masters Degree in Music Education, Nick acquired a position as Adjunct Professor of Music at Monmouth University, Furthering his career, Nick went on to teach General, Choral, and Instrumental Music in the Middletown Public School District. He founded Leonardo Grade School’s Theater Program, with productions including “Cinderella Kids”, “Beauty and the Beast Junior”, “The Lion King Junior” and “The Little Mermaid Junior”, and then went on to Thompson Middle School where he worked as Choral and Musical Director in such productions as “Once On This Island Junior”. 


During this time he also Musically Directed “Psykidz” by Bobby Cronin at the Prep NJ, where he currently also offers acting master classes and private sessions, in addition to working as the Thorne Middle School Band Director.


Currently, Nick is working as the Musical Director for The Middletown Arts Center Players, a new community theater, with “Shrek” opening in early March.

Nick Jupinka
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