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Share your experiences with our Peach Pit Team. Your insight is meaningful to parents making decisions about their children's time. 

We'd love to hear from you. 

***I have testimonials to add here...I just need a format to copy and paste them in.*** 


When you hire a tutor, you expect that person to fill in knowledge gaps and reinforce skills learned in the classroom.  Tara is so much more than a tutor - she’s a mentor whose passion for working with children is immediately evident.  Tara has developed a positive relationship with our daughter, understanding not only what challenges her, but implementing strategies that work for how she learns and engages with the material.  Tara has been a constant for our child and a guiding light for our family during a tumultuous time in the world.  We look forward to watching our daughter’s academic confidence grow with Tara’s support. -S.L. Rumson Mom of 2

Within their first few meetings, Bridget detected differences in our daughter’s reading ability that enabled us to pursue a diagnosis while also providing supportive tutoring throughout this months-long process.  Because of Bridget, our child got the help she needed before she became frustrated and discouraged.  At the beginning of first grade, our daughter faced great difficulty learning sight words.  A few months later, and after a lot of hard work, she’s reading with confidence, eager to move to each new level.  As parents, we feel prepared to advocate on our daughter’s behalf knowing we have Bridget on our team.  We continue to be impressed with Bridget’s dedication to her students and their success.  -Rumson Mom

Bridget has been an amazing resource for my son. She has kept learning fun and because of that my son has excelled in reading. We have used many tutors throughout the years and in the past, it could be a fight to get my son to go, but with Bridget that is not the case. -JG

My mom signed me up for Carter's Introduction to the Stock Market class and I wasn't sure if I'd be that interested. We learned so much so quickly and it was really fun. We were all asking if the class could go on a few more weeks. I'm definitely signing up for more of his classes. - 7th grade Rumson Student

I couldn't believe the artwork my daughter came home with. I thought she would just enjoy the art classes but Ms Toni taught her so much and made her feel really confident about taking risks with her artwork. She came home so happy and proud and now we have some amazing wall art. -FH Mom of 3

As a working mom life can be a bit crazy, juggling family and life is hard. When my kids don't have sports, I worry about making sure they have the right environment for after school, to socialize, get homework done and just be a kid. Tara creates a caring, yet disciplined environment and knowing that she always has the kids' best interest as her number 1 priority makes my life just a little easier. It is always refreshing to find a person with passion, and she has it with kids and I am so thankful for it. -Jamie

My daughter was really behind and struggling. She was referred to be evaluated for special services. Tara connected us with Karen. Once she began her work with her and we saw significant and  immediate progress. Within a matter of months she was at grade level and is now beyond. She knew exactly what she needed. We are so grateful for her expertise.  -Rumson Mom

Tara, I love your energy, positivity, and how you connect people and goodness in all ways. The idea of older kids middling to fit the younger kids is so great and important. Your willingness to work with teens and guide/teach them through your mentoring is 100%❤️!  -Rachel, FH

Our triplets took college prep courses including a long expensive essay writing one. They came out with nothing worth sending out. Tara had tutored them through middle school and in my desperate state called her for help. Within a few quick sessions, all three had essays they were proud of and brought my husband and I to tears when we read them. So thankful! -Mom of Three

Our son really needed to be challenged in math. We didn't want to bring him to some average learning center. Tara knew exactly which teacher would be the perfect match for him and he loves going. We feel great that he is able to move ahead at his own pace and enjoy the personal attention and challenge. She's put a really strong team together.  - B.L. 


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