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Abby Rumph

Hi :) My name is Abby Rumph. I grew up in Fair Haven as the youngest of five children.  I had a positive high school experience @RFH- I played soccer and loved learning about art/psychology. I stayed true to my passions into college and graduate school: I served as a co-captain of the soccer team, earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education/Fine Art, and a Master’s Degree in Art Therapy/Counseling. 


I truly believe that everyone is inherently creative. Art helps me process life’s difficulties and has always been my main coping mechanism. Art serves as a universal language, accessible to all people given the opportunity. I support children’s creativity by fostering a safe space that allows them to express, learn, inspire, and grow.


I currently live on a sailboat with my partner. We plan to sail around the world some day! But for now, we are docked locally where I spend most of my days creating commissions and planning art lessons (follow along @abbymiggins_art).

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