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Tara Lynn D'Uva bio continued

During the pandemic I found myself able to fill an immediate need in our community. I created a program, the HOMEROOM, and opened my doors to our local students. I worked to offer academic, extracurricular, social and emotional support to them during the uncertain times of virtual education.


I had always dreamed of finding the perfect location in walking-distance from the Rumson Schools' campus to open a much-needed space just for kids. The magic the students brought to the HOMEROOM confirmed my belief that there was a great need for what I had envisioned. The positive and lasting impact on our kids was undeniable. 

I am excited to meet the modern needs of caregivers, little people and our teen population. Teenagers NEED to be social, included and have their talents recognized and encouraged. I wanted to create something that doesn't exist, a space just for them. I want students to have an academic space that is welcoming to all, comfortable, enriching and offers the very highest standards and best practices in education. 

My areas of expertise are in creating and implementing specific plans to meet the individual needs of students. ALL children deserve to be seen, celebrated and given the chance to work to their full potential.

Our wonderful local school districts and teachers work tirelessly to create meaningful learning experiences for students. I support that effort. I am a big communicator with parents and collaborator with teachers. This team effort results in our children thriving during their school years and beyond!

How can students become autonomous in their academic journeys and become life-long learners?! This is so important to me! I believe in focusing on improving students’ abilities to organize themselves, apply executive management and learn at a deeper level. This gift of more independent time requires them to use specific tools and strategies to know HOW to learn. Utilizing metacognition enhances and requires their use and development of executive functions. We can provide that support and the tools for development. 


Our Peach Pit team is made up of those who share my philosophies, work ethic and individual expertise in unique and specific areas.


Most recently I have served on the Rumson Board of Education and worked as the Content Coordinator/Editor of Rumson Living Magazine. I truly love where we live and am passionate about the work that I do. 

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