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Student and Athlete Life Coaching

We are lucky to have Mrs Bronwyn Bergen on our Peach Pit team. She is an internationally known Kids' Life Coach. Find out more details below and check out her bio on our "Who We Are" page. She offers one on one sessions as well as small group. 


There is no greater inspiration than empowering children. Mrs. Bronwyn Bergen specializes in building self-esteem, social skills, emotional intelligence and communication skills while also addressing growth mindset for students, athletes, attention disorders and divorce recovery.  She guides them to develop a growth mindset, confidence-building, resilience and dealing with adversity. The ultimate goal is to build a success mindset in every young person she works with and to inspire, motivate, and provide kids with a greater self-acceptance, self- awareness and clear understanding of their own thinking patterns. She accomplishes this important work by assessing children’s needs, then developing a tailor-made individualized program. 

The SMART Goals approach




Realistic and

Time based


Coaching session 1- Confidence Building

Coaching session 2-  Focus 


Coaching session 3- Stress & Anxiety

Coaching session 4- Controlling Aggression or emotion management

Coaching Session 5-  Growth vs Fixed Mindset

Coaching session 6- Problem Solving

Coaching session 7-  How to Create Strong Habits to Help Achieve


Coaching session 8- Leadership Skills

Coaching session 9-  Visualization


Coaching session 10-  Culminating activity OR Parent seminar

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