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Marybeth Paglio

Hi! My name is Mary Beth Paglio and I will be joining the Peach Pit team as a Pre-K Scholars Teacher.  I live in Lincroft with my husband and our three children (13, 11, and 6).  I graduated from Villanova University in 2002 with a Finance degree, worked in the business world for a few years, then decided to get my Masters in Education (Monmouth University) and join the rest of my family in the profession we all love!  I began as a 4th Grade teacher in New York in 2006, and joined Holmdel Public Schools in 2007, where I taught 4th grade until 2013. I then moved to Math Intervention in Holmdel until 2015.  I also have many years of experience teaching gifted and talented clusters in Holmdel.  I decided to stay home with my children for a few years until recently.  I just completed a teacher leave replacement position in Holmdel, which once again ignited my love of teaching and the research and energy working with children brings! Therefore, I am super excited to be joining this team where I will have the privilege of working with creative, imaginative children again. My goal is to create a safe, warm environment for children where they can foster their individual creativity with confidence and develop a love of learning.

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